Main activities

Weekend trips

Every weekend we organise hikes, cycling, canoeing, and even skiing trips, depending on the season, and we pick the most beautiful and interesting Lithuanian places. In winter we mostly sleep in country houses, in summer - in the tents. Club members are not only tough hikers but also great singers, hearty dancers, friendly and fun people who like staying up until very early morning. Club members celebrate Christmas, New Years, Pancake day (Mardi Gras) and the other holiday celebrations together.


Many members practice active sports, participate in various competitions and marathons. Vilnius University hikers’ teams have won many mountain tourism technical championships. Every year in November the club organises a VUZK Cup winning competition. Alpinism is another highly popular sport among club members which is practiced on their own built climbing wall.

To find out more about VUZK training sessions click here.

Long distance and remote trips

Club members love mountains and every winter and summer they organise trips  of different difficulty to: The Carpathians, the Caucasus, the Urals, Tian Shan, Pamyr and other exotic locations. An annual autumn trip to Crimea has become a tradition. Writing diaries of these trips, and reports for the more serious hikes is a common practice. You can read them in our "Impressions and stories" section.

The most important and amusing club events: VUZK Jamboree

At the end of April or beginning of May, the club announces the opening of the travelling season, and invites all travellers for a gathering in nature, where various competitions and other amusements are held. It’s probably the biggest club event, and  younger and older club generations participate.

Commonly everybody goes to the jamboree by train, and upon arrival they get the first task – an orienteering rally. Participants divide in teams, get the maps and go to the woods to look for the clues that lead to the final jamboree destination.

Then everybody builds their tents, and afterwards demonstrates various improvised performances by the bonfire. The next day starts with fun competitions such us crossing the river balancing on a tree trunk, jumping with ninja rope, or jumping from one hump to another. All are very useful skills to know for every hiker.

Another exciting competition is the Tumbi-Yumbi match - a modified version of football game. At the end of all competitions the best participating teams receive their prizes.

The slide show evening

The slide show evening is held shortly after starting the new academic year in September. The purpose of this event is to invite new people to join the club. While presenting the club and its main activities, participants are shown the slides from last year’s trips and club events. The club has many talented photographers so this event should not be missed!

Boat Trip

On the second September weekend everyone is invited to the Boat trip in Ignalina lakes. The boats are hired in Paluse town and then the rowing starts through the many lakes and rivers surrounded by forest and little villages enroute to the camp. Traditionally, Ledakalnis; a hill from which you can admire this beautiful lake district is visited on the way.

Mountain tourism technical competition

This competition for a VUZK Cup is held in November. The other sport clubs are invited to participate in it, as well as VUZK clubs mountain hiking beginners. The more experienced members create interesting and complicated routes, and also referee the competition.

VUZK Fresher’s Baptism

VUZK Fresher’s baptism event for new club members traditionally occurs in November. Real hikers must be tough, strong, friendly and honest.

To become a real club member they have to go through a clearance ritual. After giving a vow and getting baptised the new members get to warm up in hot sauna, followed by dances, and songs until early morning.


Christmas is celebrated on the nearest weekend. Getting to a rural house through the forest on foot or skiing and later decorating the house in a traditional fashion using paper, fruits and vegetables as decorations. Followed by eating traditional Lithuanian Christmas Eve and Christmas dishes and waiting for Father Christmas to come with presents.

New Years

Real tough hikers will celebrate the New Years outside the city in the forest by the bonfire with loads of food, champagne and singing. On New Years Eve the VUZK Oscars are announced to award the year’s best trip, song, event and so on.

Only the main club events are listed here. The rest of the club events can be found in the “News” section.

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